Deadlines.  As a freelance writer that word is all too familiar.  If you’re a mom (or dad) working from home, it can at times be difficult with juggling the kids and other things you need to get done when you have an article due in an hour.  Even the most organized of us can feel the strain of the time clock as it counts down to zero.
What if could write on the topics you choose whenever you wanted to and there was no deadline to consider?  What if through your hard work you could eventually own a piece of the company?  Sounds like the perfect place for a freelance writer to call home, right?  I came across a freelance writing site called Blogmutt which touts itself to be just that.  I figured I’d check it out to see if it was everything it said it was.

What is Blogmutt?Blogmutt

Blogmutt is a content writing website, where freelance writers can submit requested articles to customers who need content for their blogs.
They use a crowd sourcing type of methodology to serve their clients.  You select an article you are eligible to write, based on the keywords and instructions provided by the client and submit it for review.  If your article is proved, you are paid based on Blogmutt’s payment system (more about that in a few).

Sign-Up Process

Only US writers at this time.  The sign up process is relatively simple.  You fill out the short application so that they can verify your citizenship.  You’ll then be asked to take a short test and agree to the terms of service.  It can take up to a week for your approval to come back, but then you’re ready to start writing!

How Does the Platform Work?  Is There Work Available?Working From HOme

I have found that there is always work to be done.  I’ve never logged in and there has not been an article available.  You’ll have a choice of hundreds of clients to write for.
Selecting an Article to Write
Selecting an article to write is fairly simple.  Under the research drop down at the top, select Search.  This will bring up a listing of all the clients that are currently available to write for.  Depending on your tier (more about that later), you can select from a client on the list.
There are two articles that you can write.  One time posts and ongoing posts.
One time posts
One time posts are exactly what they seem.  A client posts a topic that they need just one article on.  Perhaps a breaking news article or some other current event.  They will typically select only one topic no matter how many articles are submitted.
Ongoing Posts
Ongoing posts are keyword articles that a client wants to see on a regular basis.  The client provides the keywords and is typically open to seeing multiple posts for each topic.

Submitting the Article for ReviewWork from home

Once you have completed your article, you’ll want to include the topic and keyword links provided by the Blogmutt editor, review the article for grammar and spelling errors, and submit the article to the client for review.
If this is your first article, the editors at Blogmutt will also provide you with feedback to ensure that your article meets quality standards.  A single space after each sentence was something that took me a while to get used to.
Posted/Rejected/Requested Edits
Once an article has been submitted, the client will have three options.  They can post the article and post it (that means you get paid for your article).  Reject the article outright (not good, but there are other options), or request edits.
What happens if my post is rejected?
If your article is rejected, that unfortunately means that you will not be paid for your article from this customer.  Have no fear, however, as you do have an option to put your article to good use.  Blogmutt gives you the option to “recycle” your article to another customer.  This means you can take your article and revise it to make it applicable to another client on the platform and resubmit it to another customer.  In other words, all is not lost!
What happens if edits are requested?
If edits are requested, the article is sent back to your queue for revisions with notes from the client on changes that you would like to see.  You have the option to revise the article or to politely decline.

What’s My Deadline?

Fortunately, there are no deadlines.  You can write as little or as much as you want, as frequently or infrequently, as you like.

What Are the Writing Tiers?

There are several writing tiers with Blogmutt, that allow you access to a wider range of clients.
Levels 1 – 3:  At these levels you have access to 250-word clients ($8 per article)
Level 4: You have access to 600-word clients ($19 per article)
Level 5: You have access to 900-word clients ($40 per article)
Level 7:  You have access to 1200-word clients ($72 per article)

You Can Own a Part of the Company!Blogmutt

One very unique thing about Blogmutt is the fact that as a writer, you can eventually own a piece of the company.  Once you reach level 8, you are granted one share of the company.  You will be granted another share of the company for each level that you reach.  I can’t imagine a bigger incentive to keep on writing!

Blogmutt Community

Within the walls of Blogmutt, there is also an extremely supportive community.  The members of the Blogmutt go out of their way to help each other and be supportive.  If you have a question about anything Blogmutt related, it’s always a wonderful resource.  Writers discuss anything from writing at Blogmutt, to other writing platforms, to their families.  You really feel a sense of community once you become a writer.

Would I Recommend Blogmutt?

I recommend Blogmutt as a great way to earn some side income.  You’re not going to get rich writing for them, but if you enjoy writing and can work your way up to some of the higher tiers, it can be worth the effort.  To learn more about other platforms I’ve used, click here.

Starting Your Own Blog

If you’ve ever considered starting your own blog or business online, consider my top recommendation for helping you to make money online.  The community you’ll find is second to none!

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