I’ve started and restarted today’s post at least ten times.  I was originally writing about ending the food battle with my kiddos (it’s still coming!), but no matter what I did, my brain did not want to write about the woes of the never-ending battle over veggies…or anything else really.  Rather than giving up, I went to my go-to bag of tricks for figuring how to get rid of writer’s block.

Free Writinghow to get rid of writer's block

This is my favorite way to get rid of that pesky brain freeze.  Give yourself a set amount of time (I usually go for about 20 minutes) and write and any everything that comes to mind.  And I mean everything.  To-do list, grocery list, blog post ideas, the winning lottery numbers (feel free to share).  Everything.

It should be a huge brain dump.  The idea is to get out all of the things that are cluttering your mind so that you can make room for creativity.

Change Your Venue

If you work in the same place everyday with the same routine, you can find yourself in a huge rut.  Pack up the office for the day and work in a different place.  Maybe you can find inspiration at the park or head to your favorite coffee shop for an iced coffee while you crank out some awesome content.

Make a Sketch

If you typically sit down at your computer (or in my case the notebook) and start writing try creating an outline for what you’re going to write instead.  That gives you a chance to start pulling together what you want to say without the pressure of feeling as if you have to create everything at once.

Go Play

Sometimes, even with your best intentions, the words just won’t come.  In that case, I shut down the computer and take a break.  Go for a walk, play with the kids, or simply relax.  Sometimes you simply need to recharge your batteries to get those creative juices flowing.

Writer’s block happens to the best of us.  Think of it like this, even Lebron James has an off day.  Keep at it and you’ll be back in the saddle in  no time.


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