We’re going to pay you to grocery shop.  If someone told you that, you’d think they were crazy right?  Fortunately, for my sanity, there is a company that does just that.  Ibotta gives you rebates for purchasing things that you already would at the grocery store.  I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of money at the grocery store for my family, especially my little ones.  I’m starting to think they have multiple stomachs where they store all of their food in order to keep them going a million miles an hour each day.  I love my angels!  So when I heard about Ibotta, I thought I had died and gone to grocery heaven……but does it really work?

Is It Difficult to Navigate?Ibotta

It’s actually pretty simple to sign up.  You create an account and you’re ready to go.  You’ll then want to download the app to be able to take pictures of your receipts and scan the barcodes.  You’re then presented with numerous store options to get you started your savings journey.  I thought for sure the products would be a bunch of things I never buy (like tofu potato chips or something) or they would be pushing new products just to get people to try them out.

I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that the products were things I already purchased on a regular basis or things I’ve known about for years.  The biggest shock perhaps was the rebate items for every day things like eggs, milk, or bread…..doesn’t matter what brand.

How Do You Earn Rebates?

The first task is to go through and unlock the products you plan to purchase or those that you’ve already purchased.  The app will typically ask you a survey question in order to “unlock” your rebate.

Your next step is to verify the purchases that you’ve made.  You have two steps for completing this task.

First, you must scan the bar code for your purchase.  Second, you will then scan the QR code on your receipt or take a picture.  It’s just that simple!

In addition to the grocery store rebates, you can also earn cash back in other categories including:

  • Pharmacy
  • Clothing
  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Specialty
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Convenience Stores
  • Mobile Shopping

Thus far, I’ve only used the grocery portion of the app, but I’ll keep you posted on what I find with the other categories.

I’m not always great at checking things out in advance, but with the mobile app, it’s easy to check for rebates while you’re at the store.

Crediting your account happens relatively quickly, usually within 24 hours of sending your receipt.  The only downside that I’ve experienced is that you’re required to have a minimum of $20 in your account in order to make a withdrawal.  If you shop often or have a big family, this is not likely to be a problem, but wanted to give you a heads up.

Would I Recommend Ibotta?

Absolutely.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have to eat.  Might as well take some of the sting out of that grocery bill and get some cash back for your efforts.

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