Happy New Year!  Have you started making your New Years’ resolutions? It’s that time of year where we make plans for all the things we’re going to do this year and wipe the slate clean.  How many of us have already resolved to eat a little healthier, or spend more time with our families, or even get better control of our finances?  I know I have and usually by Valentine’s Day I’ve already broken one of my resolutions.  I mean, can a girl really be expected to give up chocolate?New Years' Resolutions

I was always making big plans and then started trying to tackle them all at once with no real rhyme or reason about what I was doing.  I was never able to stick to it long enough to make it a habit.  so this year I’m trying to do a little something different.  I’m just going to try to get a little better each and every day.

I read an article by James Altucher that changed how I think about things.  He suggests that rather than trying to do everything at once, just get 1% better every day.  Whether that be spending 5 minutes more with your family than the day before or learning one new thing, that 1% will really add up and before you know it, you’ve created new habits.  All from that 1%.  So if there’s a stack of books you’ve been waiting to read, start reading 10 pages each night.  That dream vacation you wanted to take?  Put aside $5 each day.  Want to learn a new language? (I’ve had this on my list every year for as long as I can remember) Take on ten new words a day.  Break those goals down into bite-sized pieces.  Change your habits one day at a time.  Before you know it, your life will be a little bit better, even if it’s just 1%.

So for me going forward, I’m going to stop making New Years’ resolutions and start making 1% daily resolutions.

While I don’t think chocolate and I will ever completely break up, hopefully, we can get to an 87% better understanding.

What are some of your goals for the year?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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