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iWriter is a freelance writing platform that pairs clients who are looking for content with writers looking for gigs.

I’ve read a lot of negative things and a lot of positive things about iWriter.  Most complaints surround the low pay from writers for the website and low quality based on clients of the website.  My goal is to do a little due diligence on my own to determine whether or not this is a viable source of income for you.  I’m going to take you on some of the journey with me to see if it is worth it. This will be the first in a two-part series of my iWriter review where I explain the ins and outs of the platform.

IWriter is commonly referred to as a content mill.  Writers are connected with webmasters and agencies who need content for their websites.  Clients post writing jobs to the website where qualified writers (more about that in a minute) can select an article for writing.  Let’s get started with the iWriter review.

Ease of Signupquestions-1328465_1920

The signup process for iWriter is fairly simple and straightforward.  You go tho their website and set up an account, take and pass a basic English test and you’re off to the races.

In order to get paid, you must have a Paypal account.  If you decide to become a writer and don’t have an account, you will need to set up one ahead of time.

Availability of Work

The availability of work will depend greatly on your account ranking. Every writer starts out with the “standard” ranking and may select any assignments available within their tier.  Assignments are posted throughout the day by clients.  You’d want to check throughout the day to determine whether there is anything you are interested in writing.

One unique thing about iWriter is the ability to make a request in a language other than English due to the international appeal of the company; you can also write in Spanish, French, and German.  There is also an “other” categorization just in case you need a writer to write in one the languages not listed.  If you’re a multi-lingual writer, this could be a great opportunity.

RankingsiWriter Review

There are four rankings which writers can achieve


Premium (4.1 to 4.5) (25 articles)

Elite (4.6 to 4.84) (30 articles)

Elite Plus (4.85 and up) (40 articles)

As mentioned above the standard tier is where all writers begin if you take the traditional route.  (we’ll discuss Fast Track later)

To be promoted to the Premium level, you must have written a minimum of 25 articles with an average of 4.1 stars.  Write 5 more articles (30 articles total) and have an at least 4.6-star rating and you’d be upgraded to an Elite writer.  Power through an additional 10 articles (40 in total) and you’ll reach the highest tier of Elite Plus.  Elite Plus writers hold a quality rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars.  Ratings are based solely on client feedback (with the exception of Fast Track which we’ll discuss later)


Compensation is based on the number of words and your writer ranking.  Here is a breakdown of the latest compensation. (Current as of August 2016)

Rank 150 300 500 700 1000
Standard 1.01 1.62 2.43 4.05 6.08
Premium 2.23 3.65 4.46 5.79 8.51
Elite 3.44 5.67 8.10 10.13 14.99
Elite Plus 9.32 17.01 28.35 35.44 52.45


This is based on iWriter’s minimum pricing.  I have seen clients that offer higher payment for articles written so this may vary.

One additional note is that iWriter provides an option for clients to leave a bonus in the form of a tip.  I have not seen this option used widely, but it is available.

As a writer, you receive 81% of the amount paid by the client.  If you receive a direct assignment, you receive 86% of the total.  (a little more on direct assignments later).


Unlike many other content mills where you have at least 24 hours to write an article, most deadlines for iWriter articles are less than six hours.  For example, an assignment I recently saw on the site was for 3,000 words with a 5-hour deadline.  There are a few ways to look at that:

  • You will want to be ready to write as soon as you select an article
  • You will want to write quickly. For some, this may seem to compromise quality.

There is an option to contact the client to request an extension of time, but depending on your relationship with the requester this may not be a feasible option.  They could simply find another writer.

There is a time in the editor which shows you down to the second how much time you have left.  If time expires before you are able to complete the article, it goes back into the pool for someone else to complete.

Process for Approval – Feedbackfeedback-1291746_1280

Once you have submitted your article for review, the requester has 72 hours in order to approve the article.  If they do not approve within the 72-hour time-frame, your article is auto-approved, and your account is immediately credited.

The requester has the option to approve your article, request revisions, or reject your article.

If your article is approve, yea!  Your account is automatically credited.

If your account is sent back for revisions, you will have 48 hours to make the changes, or the article is returned to the pool.

If your article is rejected, you won’t have an opportunity to make any changes or in many cases find out why your article was rejected.

Requesters can rank your article by giving it a rating of 1 to 5 stars.  These are the ratings that directly impact your ranking.

Timeliness/Ease of Paymentpayment-921087_1280

Writers are paid via Paypal and may choose 1 of 4 payment options:

  1. Weekly payments (Tuesdays)
  2. Bi-weekly payments (every other Wednesday)
  3. Monthly (5th of the month)
  4. Monthly (25th of the month)

IWriter requires a minimum $20 account balance in your account before issuing payment which can be relatively high, especially for writers just starting out in light of the compensation rates noted above.

Once you have selected a payment option you “set it and forget it”.  You will automatically be issued your payment at the next period if the minimum balance has been reached.

I have not experienced any issues with timely payment.

Community Support

Unlike other content mills where there are community support forums for writers, iWriter, unfortunately, doesn’t have any sort of platform.


IWriter is available to writers across the globe so you’ll be competing not only with writers in the United States but in other markets as well.


As with any business, there are those that love it and those that hate it.  Like really hate it.  Like, I’m going to set up a website to let you know how much I hate it.  You can read what they have to say here and evaluate for yourself.  However there are folks on the client site who enjoy the service and come to the defense of iWriter.

Low Pay

Standard writers earn on average less than one cent per word.  If it take you 30 minutes to write a 400-word piece, your earnings would come out to be about $4 per hour.  Of course, you have a chance to increase your earnings per hour as you move up.

High Threshold for Redemption

As mentioned earlier, you must have a minimum of $20 in your account in order to receive a payment.  A standard writer would need to have five 700 word articles at $4.05 approved in order to meet the minimum threshold.

International Writers

IWriter is available to writers across the world where in some cases English may not be the native tongue.  Clients and writers alike feel as though this has the ability to negatively impact the quality of the writing.  In my opinion writers no matter where they are from can be quality writers.  Any writer who continually provides poor work quality will not survive on the platform.

Spinning of Articles

One warrior forum user notes that he received a 400-word article 4 minutes and 28 seconds after submission.  This can make clients wary of the quality of the article being received.  If I received an article that quickly I can’t say that I blame them!

Things Not To Dono-42013_1280

As with any site, there are things that you can do to get yourself kicked off the platform.


IWriter notes that it uses Copyscape to check its articles.  If your work is found not to be your own, you will be banned.

Multiple Accounts

You should only sign up for one account on the platform.  Signing up for multiple accounts is grounds for removal.

Poor Quality

Clients expect quality writing and will rate you based on their review of your work.  You can be dismissed if your quality rates:

  • 3 stars after 5 reviews
  • 2 stars after 10 reviews
  • 4 stars after 20 reviews

There you have it Part I of our overview of the iWriter Platform.  Stay tuned next week for Part I of my iWriter review where I will share some additional insight about iWriter including some tips on taking advantage of the platform if you feel like it can work for you.  We’ll also quickly look at the client perspective.



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