It’s always interesting to find a new potential way to make a little extra money in your free time from home.  I spend a lot of time researching ways for my readers to earn a little extra spending change, while others can be considered part-time or even full-time income.  Every dollar counts right?  Today we’re going to talk about one of those sites which allow you to earn points which can be traded in for gift certificates or even cash.

So What is Perk?                               Perk TV

I’m glad you asked.  Perk is actually a mash-up of a number of desktop mobile apps which give you a chance to earn tokens or coins (more about these in a few).  There are currently 11 apps that you can take advantage of in order to earn coins and tokens (kinda hard to get bored right?)  The awesome thing is that the apps are all integrated so you’re not worrying about keeping traffic across platforms.

  • Perk TV
  • Perk TVLive!
  • Perk Scratch
  • Jetpack Journey
  • Perk Screen
  • Perk Pop Quiz
  • Word Search
  • Perk Prize Mob
  • Perk Wallet
  • Rewards Reader
  • Viggle

There seems to be a little something for everyone.  Whether you like to play games, answer trivia, or simply watch TV there’s something for you.

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Points are what you trade in for any of the goodies that you want.  These little green starred gems can be used for gift cards from thousands of different companies, including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and Target.  If you prefer good ol’ cash, you can exchange your points for Perk Plastik, a debit card, which you can load with your earnings.  The more points you earn, the more redemption value they seem to have.  For example, a $0.25 gift card is worth about 350 points while a $5.00 gift card can be had for a cool 5,000 points.  So each point will get you about a penny’s worth of value.



Depending on the game or activity you’re doing, tokens will definitely come in handy.  I refer to them as your gambling chips.  In addition to the games and other activities you participate in, Perk has various sweepstakes you can enter, allowing you to win various prizes.  Gift cards, mystery bags, and even Halloween treat bags are just a few of the prizes I’ve seen up for grabs.  You can exchange the tokens for entries into the sweepstakes.  One the time is wound down, you’ll find out whether or not you’ve won.


This is like an Ebay site for Perk users.  If you see a prize that you’d like, you can use your tokens to bid on it.  The bidding keeps on going until there’s only one person left at which point the prize is awarded.  There are a few variations of the auction, but you get the idea.  The Perk Prize Mob is one of the apps completely dedicated to these auctions.  We’ll check it out more a little later.

And Now For the Apps…

I’ve mentioned there are a million apps (okay 11) so now we’ve got to get an understanding of what you do with each of these apps.

Perk TVapple-589641_640

Perk TV is the easiest to use.  Basically, you earn points by watching app trailers, movie premiers, and short videos (I recently learned how to make football brownies).  When I’m working, I can usually set this up on another screen on my computer and let them play.  Every now and then you’ll get a pop-up to make sure you’re still watching, but as long as you’re in front of your computer, it’s pretty easy to get these going again.  Are some of the videos random?  Yes (there’s one on how to create a plastic bag dispenser, but hey it’s kind of cool to learn something new and it’s an easy way to rack up those points!  Perk TV videos can either be watched directly on your computer or on the go via their mobile app.

Perk TV Live!

Perk TV Live! Looks to be similar to the Perk TV apps on your phone, only you’re watching live television.  I don’t have much experience with it yet, as it is one of the newer apps, but I’ll definitely have to check it out and get back to you.

Perk Scratch and Win!

If you’ve ever bought a lottery ticket, you already know how to play this game.  With a virtual swipe to reveal what’s underneath you can find out whether you’ve won.  You can win tokens, points, or even gift cards.  There are various token levels which you can play:

Free:  Gives you a chance to win tokens, points, and gift cards
10 tokensrpg-coins-1146135_640
20 tokens
50 tokens
100 tokens
500 tokens
1000 tokens

The higher the token count, the greater the chance for you to win a larger prize.  It’s an easy way to rack up tokens to use in some of the other games.  I’ve been able to snag 10,000 coins on more than one occasion.

Jetpack Journey

Once I get this set up I’ll have to come back and add in more details

Perk Screen

This is really simple.  You download an app to your phone and you can earn points and or prizes each and every time you unlock it.  I’m still waiting to find out what the catch is, but so far it’s been just that simple!

Perk Pop Quiz

For us nerdy folks or anyone who just loves trivia, Perk Points is a perfect way to earn points while putting all your trivia knowledge to use.  I’ve answered questions for anything from Math to Song Lyrics.  You can even win points by beating your friends at challenges.  So make it a game night!  You’ll be everyone’s first pick in the next game of Trivia Pursuit!

Word Search

I love word searches!  I’ve been doing them since I was little and so this game is right up my alley.  Basically, the more words you find, the more points you can earn.  You can also play for chances to win other prizes.

There are two options:magnifying-glass-390913_640
Quick Play
Theme Play

For quick play, you have a number of seconds to find the words displayed.  If you find them all, you will win the point amount.  You find anywhere between 2 and 7 words for a chance to win between 1 and 4 points.

Theme play is like it sounds.  You select a theme and then find all the words in the search.  The number of points you are awarded is dependent on time.  They also have to leaderboard that shows the top searchers for the day, week, and history.  From what I understand if you’re in the top three for any given day you win a prize.  I’ve not been skilled enough to reach that level so I can’t confirm.  Oh well, we can aspire to something right?  Happy searching!

Perk Prize Mob

As I mentioned earlier, this is where you’re going to use all those hard-earned tokens that you’ve earned playing other games.  You can decide what prizes you’re interested in winning and dive right in!  Good luck!

Perk Wallet

This is where the magic happens.  Once you’ve racked up all those points, head over the Perk Wallet app to do a little shopping.  There are literally thousands of gift cards to choose from in various denominations.

Like I said before, if you prefer good ol’ cash, you can grab yourself a Perk Plastik debit card just like you would any other prepaid debit card.  Kind of a cool way to keep track of all your earnings if you ask me.

Rewards Readerowl-158411_640

I’m always checking out the latest news in an attempt to keep up with what’s going on in the world.  Like everyone else, my phone is constantly buzzing about the latest breaking news.  I’ve never been paid to read the news before, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything and I’m definitely not going to complain.  The articles come from a wide array of topics and sources, including politics and sports.  You have to view an article for a certain amount of time in order to earn points.  In my experience, you can earn between 1 and 3 points per article viewed.  (If you’ve had a different experience, let me know).  It’s a perfect way to find out what’s happening in the world while earning some points.


The last app on our Perk carousel is Viggle.  Perk purchased Viggle in 2012 to add to its empire of Perk earning apps.
On Viggle you watch TV and listen to songs and get points as a reward.  You can even earn bonus points for watching certain items.

How Much Can I Earn?

You’re definitely not going to get rich with Perk, but you can earn some spending money for a fun night.  I’ve earned gift cards which I’ve been able to buy gifts for birthday parties my kids attend as well as fun money for a family night out.

Would I Recommend Perk?

I would definitely recommend Perk as a way to earn a little extra spending change in your spare time.  You can play some of the games while sitting in front of the TV at night or if you have a commute that doesn’t require you to drive.  The points definitely add up and the gift cards can be used at a large number of places.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

If there are any other money making opportunities that you’d like for me to check out let me know and I’ll put them on my list!

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