There seem to be a million freelance writing platforms out there advertising that they are connecting freelance writers with writing jobs that pay well.  I’ve heard many complaints that those platforms either don’t pay well, have poor customer service, or rarely have any work (or sometimes all three!)  Then I came across Writer Access.  Is Writer Access different from the others?  Let’s find out!

Ease of SignupWriter Access Review

The process of signing up for Writer Access is somewhat involved, which I actually appreciate  You complete the application form and providing a writing sample.  Take your time with this as it will be used to help determine your initial ranking and consequently your pay grade (we’ll talk about that a little later).  Finally, you will set up your profile.  This is a crucial part of the application process.  Not only will it be used to help the editors evaluate you, but it is also used by clients to search for new writers.  I didn’t really think that it was something that anyone paid much attention to, but believe me it is.  Two of my recurring clients have come directly as a result of them finding me through my profile.  I’ve also received recommendations from the support team of potential clients based on my profile.
Once your profile has been approved, you’re in!  You can immediately take on assignments.


Each author is given a star rating from 2 to 6 stars.  The higher your star rating, the higher price per word you receive for each assignment.  Your ranking also comes into play with the type of work you are eligible to take on.  You’ll see how that plays out shortly.  If you don’t get the ranking you hoped for initially, don’t worry, because as you continue to do a good job, you’ll be able to be promoted to higher ranking levels.

Availability of Work

There are a number of ways that you can find work on the Writer Access platform:

Open orders
Casting Calls
Love Lists

Open Orders

Open orders are available to anyone depending on the ranking of the assignment.  You can pick up any assignment at or below your star rating.
For example, if you are a 4-star writer, you can pick up 4-star, 3-star, and 2-star assignments.  Keep in mind that you will be paid based on the rating of the assignment rather than your own personal rating.
Open orders tend to go quickly, so you have to move fast and you’ll want to check in multiple times a day to see if new jobs have been posted.

Love Lists

Love lists are somewhat more exclusive than open orders.  You can be placed on a love list as a result of doing a great job on a project, applying for a casting call, or by your profile fitting a client’s needs during a search (remember all that hard work you put into yours?)
Love lists can have anywhere from one to hundreds of authors depending on your needs.
These assignments are more exclusive, giving you a greater opportunity to pick up more work.


Solos are exactly that, assignments sent directly to you.  These are great since there is no competition.  You simply decide whether or not you want to accept the assignment.

Casting Calls

Casting calls are auditions for new writers.  Clients post descriptions of the assignment to be completed along with compensation information.  You get a chance to “pitch” the client regarding why you would be the best fit for their needs.

CompensationWriter Access Review

When you’re thinking about writing for a platform, your earning potential is what gets your attention.  This is the most recent pricing for writers.
6-star: minimum 7.0-cents per word
5-star: minimum 5.6-cents per word
4-star: minimum 4.2-cents per word
3-star: minimum 2.8-cents per word
2-star: minimum 1.4-cents per word
You can also receive bonuses for completing assignments early or if you have done a great job.  I’ve received a couple of these and though unexpected they are awesome!

Community Support

Writer Access has a very active community platform where writers go to get help with the platform, their writing, other writing platforms or even just hang out.  No matter what questions I’ve had, I’ve always been able to find the answer in the forums.
The writer support team with Writer Access is also top notch.  I’ve reached out several times for help with a client issue, technical problems, or new assignments.  The team has always gotten back to me within a day and followed up to ensure my issue was resolved.


One of the drawbacks with Writer Access is that available assignments have a tendency to go quickly.  You need to check in multiple times a day to snag new assignments.  Unlike other platforms, however, depending on how many platforms you have completed on the platform and the type of assignment available, you can have more than one assignment in your “queue” at the same time.

Would I Recommend Writer Access

Absolutely.  I think that if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and really do the work to get yourself off to a good start, it can be a great little side hustle.  There are some writers on the platform that have even managed to make it a full-time income.

Want to Know More?

I know this is a lot to cover.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below.  To learn about some of the other freelance writing platforms available, click here.  Have you used Writer Access and have tips to share?  Please feel free to share those as well.

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